Male and Female have been coexisting on this planet for about 200,000 years yet we still don’t know how to initiate a date after sex. I started thinking about this subject when two of my friends called this weekend and asked my advice on this dude they really like and have been sleeping with. The sex was great and the guy was cute, yet he still hadn’t asked them out on a date. I know that usually the guy asks the girl, but I say fuck it. It is 2016 and the “norm” is fucking boring. Guys are simple, very, very, very fucking simple. As much as we think our guy is different, he cannot read our minds and if you want to do something with him other than toss around in your sheets I would just ask. It is as simple as going and grabbing a coffee. You never know, you may never want to be seen in public with him again. Initiate the date and keep it simple.

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